ENGLISH The two months or so, I have been busy with, well, furniture shopping! This is certainly what comes with buying my own apartment, haha. As I knew that this would be a big shopping spree, I needed to follow some rigorous planning on how I would proceed with it. This was because, clearly, my […]

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#1919 – 2017 Easter Long Weekend Trip (Zürich)

A Little Piece of Zilko's Life


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1. Introduction
2. The Transport
3. Zürich

In short, Zürich was still as how I remembered it from 2011, it was a really beautiful city. It still stands as one of my favorite cities, haha 😆 . Though, this long weekend trip showed me the less nice side of the city too. Well, “less nice” from the perspective of a visitor/tourist.

First of all, apparently almost everything was closed due to the Easter holiday. Consequently, there were not so much activities going on in the city. I just saw (quite many) other tourists walking around in the city centre, haha. This was already enough to make the city atmosphere “dead”.

Though, possibly this was also accentuated by the weather. I have to say I was quite unlucky on this department in this trip. It was raining the entire time I was…

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